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WinSshFS FiSSH edition

This fork is a project from a group of university students. The project ended in February 2015 therefore we will not update it anymore. However we hope that other developer improve our open-source software further. If you want to contribute check our unfinished issues and create a new fork.

This project is a new version of „WinSshFS 4every1“ which can be found at Our prime objective was to change the graphical user interface to improve user-friendliness.

Main changes we made:

  • completely redesigned the GUI
  • created a hierarchy to separate between server and their folders (mount directory) to add multiple
    folders to one server easily
  • added a command line to automate the program without the GUI
  • server and file arrangement can be changed via drag&drop
  • program can now start with windows startup


User manual:

  • Download and unzip the file (
  • Install NetFramework and Dokan (Note: If you are using Windows 8 or a newer version, install Dokan with compatibility set to Windows 7 (right click > Properties > Compatibility)
  • Launch FiSSHGui

The command line can be used either with PowerShell or cmd. For a complete list of commands type FiSSHCmd help.


FiSSH is a windows client software for the SSHFS (SFTP via SSH) protocol. By its help directories from remote linux machines can be mounted as local windows drives.



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