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  • added SESSIONS state, persistent across requests
  • added access log callback function, so that main application can log HTTP access
  • added streaming input for big files or endless input, using a manual body_recv function in conjunction with the {auto_recv_body, false} option
  • added static directory support, so that GET requests to /static/* can automatically send files from a specified directory (thanks to egobrain suggestion)
  • added request redirection helper method
  • consistently improved memory usage by not copying by default to handler processes the full request or websocket record
  • added configuration option to set which websocket versions must be supported by the server
  • added support for websocket draft-hybi-10
  • added support for websocket draft-hybi-17 (thanks to RJ)
  • added support for websockets on FireFox (thanks to Egobrain)
  • added support for 'If-Modified-Since' headers in file sending (thanks to davidgaleano)
  • added support for websockets when behind stunnel with {external_ssl, boolean()} option (thanks to RJ)
  • added support to see the correct client IP when behind stunnel, according to (thanks to RJ)
  • added support for OPTIONS method (thanks to majek)
  • rebar-ized makefile
  • corrected minor bugs (thank you all - you know who you are!)


  • Misultin has been redesigned to use supervisor behaviours where appropriate, to be more OTP compliant
  • added Cookie support
  • added preliminary support multipart/form-data and a file upload example (thanks to Max Lapshin)
  • added Date and Server headers
  • added support for headers being specified as binaries (thanks to akaspin)
  • added an example on how to properly embed misultin in your application
  • Req:get(peer_addr) now properly extracts peer information from headers "X-Real-Ip" or "X-Forwarded-For" if these are available (thanks to Max Lapshin)
  • solved bug on large data being sent over via websockets (thanks to omarkj)
  • corrected binary sending bug in websockets which would fail binaries on io_lib format (thanks to normanb)
  • added recbuf advanced option (issue #40)
  • added preliminary test suite
  • various optimizations using binary when needed


  • considerably improved stability under heavy load
  • misultin now accepts incoming connections with a pool of acceptors instead of a single one
  • Misultin can now be used both with parametrized modules and with pure erlang code too (thanks to yrashk, nox and essen)
  • added support for HEAD, PUT, DELETE, TRACE and CONNECT methods
  • now websockets are on {active, once} mode to avoid malicious clients overflooding (thanks to essen)
  • ensured that body of request can be read on all methods except TRACE as per http specs
  • added support for iolist() in chunked resposes (thanks to RJ)


  • added max_connections options parameter, which specifies maximum concurrent open connections accepted by the server
  • added post_max_size options parameter, which sets the maximum size of POST data
  • added get_url_max_size options parameter, which sets the maximum length of URI
  • added CHUNKED support, both for incoming requests and outgoing responses (thanks to yrashk suggestion)
  • added trapping of client closing a browser in Comet applications (thanks to yrashk)
  • added SSL support for websockets (enhancement track #25, thanks to viplifes)
  • Misultin can now be started without a registered name or with a different name, so that multiple versions of misultin can be started on a single node
  • added support for IP address specified in tuple format (thanks to okeuday suggestion)
  • added support to extract plain uri unquoted as a list() (thanks to okeuday)
  • added Comet Long Polling example
  • added Comet iFrame example
  • added the killing of alive processes on server shutdown
  • the GET uri parameters are now also available on POST requests
  • added custom headers on file sending to browser (thanks to josevalim)
  • additional minor adjustments


  • refactored to considerably improve sending of static files
  • minor bug corrections


  • added support to websocket protocol hixie draft 76 (thanks to sergio veiga)
  • added support to multiple websocket draft protocols (for backwards compatibility)
  • added ws_autoexit option which allows to get an event on websocket controlling processes (issue track #15, suggestion of esente)
  • added headers also in misultin websockets (thanks to jlirochon)
  • made it basho's rebar friendly (thanks to mrinalwadhwa)


  • added HTTP compression option
  • refactoring of the main server loop, so that it is now isolated from the HTTP functionality
  • removed unnecessary compilation warnings
  • replaced proplists:get_value with much faster utility function


  • added SSL support
  • refactoring of the acceptor loop


  • added preliminary websocket support


  • added Req support to return the socket handling the request
  • bug correction on Content-Length: 0 header causing timeout on POST requests (issue track #12, thanks to gdamjan)


  • added echoing of the Connection header (issue track #7, thanks to thijsterlouw)
  • bug correction on acceptor respawning (issue track #10, thanks to thijsterlouw)


  • optimized error handling (issue track #5, thanks to Max Lapshin)


  • added flow control using inet options {active, once} (issue track #4, thanks to Max Lapshin)
  • added support to standard http headers response
  • added http 400 bad request error in socket handling
  • bug correction: removed erroneous sending of response timeout on listening open connections
  • added stream_support optimization option


  • reengineering of the listener process, using active instead of passive mode in request parsing, except for BODY where passive is still used (thanks to Lev Walkin)
  • added better support for request timeout


  • added .app file (thanks to Essien Ita Essien)
  • simplified get_options (thanks to Essien Ita Essien)
  • added ip address option (thanks to Essien Ita Essien)
  • added ipv6 support
  • added recv_timeout option
  • bug correction: requests peer address and port are now not reset on open connections multiple requests


  • added support for Content-Type that specifies charset in POST data (thanks to Tuncer Ayaz)
  • added support for iolist in misultin_req:ok/1,2 and misultin_req:respond/2,3
  • code optimized taking out unnecessary binary conversion and lists:flatten (thanks to Feng Yu)


  • added trap exit for acceptor failure
  • added backlog option
  • added fallback if no connection header is present (issue track #1, thanks to Ciconia)
  • added limit for parsing headers to avoid malicious attacks (thanks to Mazen Harake)
  • minor bug corrections


  • initial release.
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