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WhoRunsIt is a front-end to the Companies House register of company directors. It's written in Symfony2, includes a parser for the Companies House proprietary file format, and uses Sphinx as its search engine. Pull requests welcome, though please open a ticket first to see if it's a change we'll accept to the live site before you start.


  • PHP 5.3.3 or newer
  • Sphinx search 0.9.9 or newer
  • A database supported by both Doctrine2 and Sphinx (e.g. MySQL)
  • A copy of the Companies House directory of company appointments. Sorry, we can't provide this. We may be able to supply a small sample file.
  • Apache


  • Clone the repository or download a tarball
  • Several configuration files need to be copied and set up. They're provided as -dist files in the repository:
    • Copy and modify web/.htaccess-dist to web/.htaccess
    • Copy and modify app/config/parameters.ini-dist to app/config/parameters.ini
    • Copy and modify sphinx/sphinx.conf-dist to sphinx/sphinx.conf
  • Install Sphinx. On Debian, it's apt-get install sphinxsearch. YMMV.
  • Set up Symfony2: run php bin/vendors install from the application root. You'll need Git for this to work.
  • Once you've set up your database details in app/config/parameters.ini, either create the database yourself or run app/console doctrine:database:create. The login details in parameters.ini will need the relevant permissions.
  • Create the database schema: app/console doctrine:schema:create
  • Import your data: app/console whorunsit:rebuild path/to/your/datafiles
  • Run the Sphinx indexer: indexer --config sphinx/sphinx.conf --all --rotate (use the --rotate option if searchd is running)
  • Set your web server/vhost DocumentRoot to the web directory and reload the web server.