📦📱 Example of iOS app built using the uFeatures architecture
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µfeatures architecture

Build Status

This repository contains a modular Xcode project built using the µfeatures approach.


  • 🥑 App dependencies fetched with CocoaPods.
  • 🍒 Core dependencies fetched with Carthage.
  • 🍇 Configuration in .xcconfig files.
  • 🍐 Reusable mocks and testing data.
  • 🍊 Example apps to try the features.
  • 🍍 Tasks automated in a Makefile.
  • 🍎 Continuous integration with Travis


  1. Git clone the repository: git clone git@github.com:microfeatures/ufeatures-example.git.
  2. Intall Carthage if you didn't have it installed.
  3. Run make bootstrap.
  4. Open ufeatures.xcworkspace.