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What's Tuist πŸ•Ί

Tuist is a command line tool that helps you generate, maintain and interact with Xcode projects.

It's open source and written in Swift.

Install ⬇️

Running script (Recommended)

bash <(curl -Ls

Bootstrap your first project πŸŒ€

tuist init --platform ios
tuist generate # Generates Xcode project & workspace
tuist build # Builds your project

Check out the project "Getting Started" guide to learn more about Tuist and all its features.

Documentation πŸ“

Do you want to know more about what Tuist can offer you? Or perhaps want to contribute to the project and you need a starting point? You can check out the project documentation.

Contribute πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

If you are interested in contributed to the project, our documentation has a section with resources for contributors. We recommend starting from this page.


If your project uses Tuist, you can add the following badge to your project README:

Tuist Badge

[![Tuist Badge](](
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