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@Sv3n Sv3n released this Sep 10, 2014 · 129 commits to master since this release

Major changes:

  • DRAMPower can now be compiled as a library. This enables a user
    to access the tool through an API and log commands and their
    corresponding time stamps, removing the need to store large
    command traces on disk. In addition, cycle counting variables
    have been changed to int64 to support longer simulations.
    The library can be compiled without Xerces to remove an optional
    dependency and reduce the size of the binary.
  • Improved robustness. The latest build is automatically checked
    out on a test server, compiled, and tested to verify that the
    output matches an expected reference. The code is also compiled
    with a large number of warning flags enabled and treats all
    warnings as errors.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug in io/termination energy calculation.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug in calculation of auto precharge cycle.

For detailed change information you may browse the commits section.

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