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Mark Tully

TNT Basic is a Mac OS X based games creation kit, inspired by François Lionet's fantastic AMOS games creation tool
on the Amiga. Its aim is to allow anyone, regardless of previous experience to learn programming and to make their
own games.

TNT Basic has been knocking around for over 10 years now and it consists of two main parts, the TNT Basic interpreter
and the Hieroglyph editor. Both parts were open sourced in 2005 on In 2012 the project was
was rekindled, and the interpreter was updated to work on Mac OS X Lion. At the time of writing, Hieroglyph has not
yet been updated. The source for the updated interpreter is now available on github, a new editor will be forthcoming.

For more information, please visit or follow @tnt_basic on Twitter.

Repository overview

	Here you'd find the source for TNT Basic itself. The user guide and the help html files can also be found in
	here, as well as a tool called 'tbformat' that will process a text file with TNT Basic source in it and produce
	a HTML file with syntax highlighting. There are several TNT Basic code examples in here too which didn't see
	public release.
	The HelpSource directory contains .hlp files which are used to generate the html help files used in the manual.
	Not all pages in the manual are produced from .hlp files, but they should all be moved over as the .hlp format
	is more flexible and allows for better format control and potentially coversion to other formats such as PDF.

	This is a legacy directory name standing for 'Marks Routines' which was the precursor to 'TNT Library'. It's
	basically all useful source code that John and I ever wrote, ever. TB and Glyph use a lot of it, but there's
	loadsa stuff in there that they don't use, and loadsa stuff that's very old and crusty that we wrote when we
	were first learning C. It is truly a source archive.
	Incidentally, this is where you will find the BLAST and BLAST++ sprite and graphics libraries, as well as
	the rest of the engines that run TNT Basic, such as the Sparks networking library and the Kaboom sound library.
	If you wanted to create a game outside of TB, this is probably where you'd be grabbing source from.

	This directory contains source code that was originally written by authors other than Mark Tully and John Treece-Birch.