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TNT Basic's previous editor, Hieroglyph, no longer works on OS X Lion. A new editor will be created to replace it. The new editor will be browser based, meaning the editor is cross platform and also ripe for moving to the cloud should that be the direction TNT Basic moves in.

How it works

The user will download the TNT Basic app and open or create a project file using the usual menu items. Once the project is opened, an editor web page will open in your default web browser. This editor will be using local HTML files (from inside the TNT Basic app bundle) and will communicate with the running TNT Basic process to view and edit the project which it has open. The communication will be via TNT Basic's Websocket based editor API.


As the editor is completely open, users can hack at it to customise it and improve it, and then share their changes with the rest of the community.


A very early prototype has been built. The editor code is available in the tbedit repro. A version of TNT Basic which supports the Websocket based editor API is in the tntbasic repo on the editor branch.

A fairly minimal start on a HTML editor can be found in the tbedit project on my github account. Feel free to add to it or write a better one :)

Editor Prototype Image

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