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Tulip Cell


Tulip Cell is an Excel add-in that provides the technical analysis functions from the Tulip Indicators library.


Building is a pain. I suggest you grab the installer from the website.

If you really want to build it, you'll need the Tulip Indicators code first. I suggest getting the MinGW compiler. You'll want both the 64-bit and 32-bit versions. You can look at the Makefile, build32.bat, and build64.bat to get an idea of how I do things. You'll also want Tcl installed to generate the Excel VBA wrapper from create_vba.tcl.

Building goes like this:

  1. Set your Tulip Indicators path in the Makefile

  2. Run build32.bat from a 32-bit compiler environment. This will make tulipcell32.dll.

  3. Run build64.bat from a 64-bit compiler environment. This will make tulipcell64.dll.

  4. Run create_vba.tcl. This writes out vba.txt. This is the VBA code that you'll need to put in an Excel add-in.

  5. Put the code in an Excel add-in. Save as both .xlam and .xla.

If you just want to make improvements to the interface, you'll likely not need to do any of the above. Instead, install from the automated installer. Then open Excel, and open the VBA editor (Alt-F11). From there you can edit the VBA code, which is where the Excel add-in features live. If you make useful changes, just send me your new VBA code. I can work it into the upstream build process.


TulipCell is an Excel add-in providing 100+ technical analysis indicators.







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