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@tulir tulir released this Feb 14, 2019 · 67 commits to master since this release


  • More config options
    • Option to to use Telegram test servers.
    • Option to disable link previews on Telegram (#244).
    • Option to disable startup sync (#176).
    • Option to skip deleted members when syncing member lists (#192).
    • Option to change number of dialogs to handle in startup sync.
  • More commands
    • username for setting Telegram username (#249).
    • sync-state for updating Matrix room state cache.
    • matrix-ping for checking Matrix login status (#270, thanks to @krombel).
    • clear-db-cache for clearing internal database caches.
    • reload-user for reloading and reconnecting a Telegram user.
    • session for listing and terminating other Telegram sessions.
    • Added argument to login to allow admins to log in for other users (#251).
  • Added warning when logging in that it grants the bridge full access to the telegram account (#248).
  • Telegram->Matrix bridging
    • Telegram games (#256)
    • Message pins in normal groups (#259)
    • Custom message for unsupported media like polls (#258)
  • Added client ID in logs when making requests to telegram (#265)
  • Added handling for Matrix room upgrades (#277)


  • Removed lxml dependency from the new HTML parser and removed the old parser completely.
  • Switched mautrix-appservice-python state store and most mautrix-telegram tables to SQLAlchemy core. This should speed things up and reduce problems with the ORM getting stuck (#263)
  • ensure_started is now only called for logged in users, which should improve performance for large instances (#247).
  • Displayname template extras (e.g. the (Telegram) suffix) are now stripped when mentioning Telegram users with no username (#138).
  • Updated Telethon.
  • Switched Dockerfile to use for dependencies to avoid dependency updates breaking stuff.
  • Stopped using SQLAlchemy ORM. This should reduce problems with the ORM becoming stuck after an invalid transaction (#263), which will remove fake stack traces and make it easier to find where the actual invalid transaction happened.
  • The telematrix import script will now warn about and skip over duplicate portals. (#243)
  • Relaybot will now be used for users who have logged in, but are not in the chat (#205)


  • Bug where stickers with an unidentified emoji failed to bridge (#252).
  • Invalid letter prefixes in clean-rooms output.
  • Messages forwarded from channels showing up as "Unknown source" (#107)
  • Matrix->Telegram room avatar bridging (#165)
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