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@tulir tulir released this Jul 9, 2019 · 87 commits to master since this release

Changes since v0.6.0-rc2
  • Fixed vulnerability in event handling
Changes since v0.5.2


  • Native Matrix edit support and new fallback format.
  • Config options for retry_delay and other TelegramClient constructor fields.
  • Config option for maximum document size to let through the bridge (#335).
  • External URL field for chat and private channel messages (#308).
  • Telegram user info (puppet displayname & avatar) is now updated every time the user sends a message.
  • Command to change Telegram displayname (#249).
  • Possibility to override config fields with environment variables (thanks to @pacien in #332).
  • Nested formatting is now supported by Telegram, so the bridge also supports it.


  • Simplified bridged poll message.
  • Telegram user info updates are now accepted from any logged in user as long as the logged in user doesn't see a phone number for the Telegram user.
  • Some image errors are now handled by resending the image as a document (#324).
  • Made getting started more user-friendly (#327).
  • Strikethrough and underline are now bridged into native Telegram formatting rather than unicode hacks.
  • Updated to Telethon 1.9.
  • Updated docker image to Alpine 3.10.


  • Portal peer type not being saved in database after Telegram chat upgrade (#304).
  • Newlines in unformatted messages not being bridged when using relaybot (#306).
  • Mime type info field for stickers converted to PNG (#307).
  • Content after newlines being stripped in messages sent by some clients (#309).
  • Potential NoneType is not iterable exception when logging out (thanks to @turt2live in #315).
  • Handling of Matrix messages where m.relates_to is null (#317).
  • Internal server error when logging in with an account on another DC (#314).
  • Spaces between command and arguments are now trimmed (#322).
  • Vulnerability in event handling.
  • Changed migrations to use batch_alter_table for adding columns to have less warnings with SQLite.
  • Error when pinging without being logged in.
  • Terminating sessions with negative hashes.
  • State cache not being updated when sending events, causing invalid cache if the server doesn't echo the sent events (#278).
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