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@tulir tulir released this Dec 27, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release

No changes since v0.7.0-rc4

Changes since v0.6.1

Important changes

  • Dropped Python 3.5 compatibility.
  • Moved docker registry to


  • Support for bridging animated stickers (#340, thanks to @Eramde).
  • Support for MTProxy (#344, thanks to @Eramde).
  • Option to automatically log in to custom puppets (login-matrix) using shared secret login.
  • Config option for max length of displayname, with the default being 100.
  • Separate config option for m.emote formatting of logged in users (#355).
  • Streamed file transfers and parallel telegram file download/upload.
    • Files are streamed from telegram servers to the media repo rather than downloading the whole file into memory.
    • File transfers use multiple connections to telegram servers to transfer faster.
    • Parallel and streamed file transfers can be enabled in the config.
  • Command to set caption for files and images when sending to telegram.
  • Command to get bridge version (#387).
  • Bridging bans to telegram (#303).
  • Helm chart.


  • Switched to mautrix-python.
  • Users with Matrix puppeting can now bridge their "Saved Messages" chat.
  • The bridge will refuse to start without access to the example config file.
  • Changed default port to 29317 (#345).
  • Mentions are now marked as read on Telegram when bridging read receipts using double puppeting (#337).
  • Kicking or banning the bridge bot will now unbridge the room (#312).
  • Made bridge refuse to start if config contains example values (#388).
  • Shrinked Docker image from 151mb to 81mb.
  • Updated Docker image to Alpine 3.11


  • The bridge will no longer crash if one user's startup fails (#292).
  • (hopefully) Incorrect peer type being saved into database in some cases (#304).
  • File names when bridging to Telegram (#376).
  • Alembic config interpolating passwords with % (#362).
  • A single chat failing to sync preventing any chat from syncing (#358).
  • Users logged in as a bot not receiving any messages (#341).
  • Username matching being case-sensitive in the database and preventing telegram->matrix pillifying (#384).
  • IndexError if running !tg set-pl with no parameters.
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