Bridge setup

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  • Go 1.11+


  • A Matrix homeserver that supports application services (e.g. Synapse)
  • A WhatsApp client on a phone (the bridge uses the web API to prevent getting banned). Virtual Androids may or may not work.


  1. Clone the repo with git clone
  2. Run go build to fetch dependencies and compile.
  3. Copy example-config.yaml to config.yaml
  4. Update the config to your liking.
  5. Generate the appservice registration with ./mautrix-whatsapp -g. You can use the -c and -r flags to change the location of the config and registration files. They default to config.yaml and registration.yaml respectively.
  6. Add the path to the registration file to your synapse homeserver.yaml under app_service_config_files.
  7. Run the bridge with ./mautrix-whatsapp.


  1. Pull changes with git pull
  2. Recompile with go build
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