Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I hide/show the reagent bank?

Click on the reagent bank slot icon. You can do the same with any other slot.

How do I sort items to the bottom of the window?

Enable "Reverse slot ordering" at Bagnon frame options menu.

I cannot see the items at the bank or other characters!

  • Short answer: make sure you have BagBrother enabled (comes packed with Bagnon).
  • Long answer: BagBrother caches the items for offline view. Without it, Bagnon does not know what you have stored at your other characters or in the bank. If you cannot find it in the addons list, then something might have gone wrong with your installation. Try to uninstall and reinstall it manually.

How do I deposit/withdraw items from the void storage?

  1. Right click the items you want to move.
  2. Click on the "Transfer" button at the lower right corner of the void storage window.
  3. A confirmation popup will appear. Confirm your deposit.

How do I deposit all reagents in the reagent bank?

Right click on the sorting button at the top of the bank window.

How do I display tokens?

  • Short answer: Install Currency Tracker
  • Long answer: In Bagnon's options menu, you need to have the option "Enable databroker frame" ticked. If that is enabled, you should see an area looking like "< >" on the lower end of the bag window, next to the money display. Those "< >" are arrows on which you can click to cycle through your Broker plugins, like CurrencyTracker.

    When you have no other plugins, CurrencyTracker should show right up, otherwise you'll have to click a few times until you see either your tracked currencies or just the text "CurrencyTracker". If the latter shows up, just click the text and mark your currencies you want to watch.

How do I disable Bagnon's guild bank or void storage?

  1. Go to the character selection screen (the one that shows up after entering your account name and password or after logging out a character).
  2. Click on the "Addons" button on the lower left corner of your screen.
  3. Look for "Bagnon GuildBank" or "Bagnon VoidStorage" option and uncheck it

How do I disable the item counts in tooltips?

  1. Open the Game Menu (press esc)
  2. Go to the Interface Options -> Addons -> Bagnon -> General
  3. Look for an Enable tooltip item count option and uncheck it

The search syntax has stopped working!

The search syntax has changed recently. For instance, searching by level 30 should be written has lvl:30 (or simply 30), instead of ilvl:30. Details about the syntax can be found here.

Items are disappearing when I put them in my bank/bags!

Make sure that you have not accidentally hidden a bag from within Bagnon's windows.

A bag is hidden

I deleted a character, but his or her items are still showing up in Bagnon's listing.

Bagnon does not really know when you remove a character or transferred it to other server, so you need to delete that character's information manually.

To do so, open up a Bagnon frame, and click the player selector button (the icon in the top left of the window that matches your character race and gender). From there, you can select and delete information about any character that you're not currently logged onto.

Click to remove the character data

Can you add tracking items in the mailbox?

We do not have plans on implementing support. If you want that kind of information, you should probably check out an addon that stores more information about your characters, such as Armory or Altoholic.

What has happened to Bagnon Forever and Tooltips?

  • Short answer: Forever has been replaced by BagBrother, while Tooltips has been included in Bagnon itself.
  • Long answer: Relax. No one has taken your precious features. Now Bagnon comes with BagBrother, a caching system shared with Combuctor, and supports other caching systems, such as Armory and BagSync. A new option to enable the tooltip counts has been added to Bagnon's general configuration.