Stop OmniCC from Showing Everywhere

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We provide several methods or preventing OmniCC from showing text everywhere. Two can be altered by the built in configuration menu, and one is something that addon authors can do.

Wait, there's a configuration menu?

Yes, its available at Game Menu > Interface > Addons > OmniCC. You can also type /omnicc in the chat to bring it up. For more information, we have a page solely dedicated to it.

Image missing (The OmniCC configuration menu)

So, can I control what stuff OmniCC shows up on using this?

Yes, via the Minimum size to display text slider, or the Enable cooldown text checkbox.

What does the Minimum Size slider do?

The minimum size slider is used to control how big something must be for OmniCC to display text on it. The bigger the value, the bigger something must be in order for it to have cooldown text.

But what do the numbers mean?

The minimum size slider values translate to how big something is, relative to the size of an action button: 100 is the same size as an action button, 150 would be 1.5 times the size of one, 50 would be half the size. Here are some other points of interest:

  • 80 - The size of a pet or class button
  • 50 - The size of a buff on the target frame

What about that Enable Cooldown Text option?

That option completely turns on or off cooldown text.

That doesn't sound very useful. Why would you want to install OmniCC, but then turn it off?

Well, its best used with the group feature of OmniCC.