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Mac OS X Port of EASy68K
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-------- NOTICE ------------  2013-03-13
Project is temporarily on hold until I can get a newer computer that can run Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion doesn't run on my Mac Pro 1,1 sadly, and I'm still stuck with XCode 3. I can't migrate to XCode 4 on Snow Leopard anymore it seems (since all the newer versions of XCode 4 require Lion or higher).

I need to redo all the portions of the project that involve interface builder plugins, since it truly seems they're dead. *Sigh* I know I've put it off for a while, but I have been working full time and attempting to save up money for a newer computer. I *hope* to have a new computer by May/June.

A Mac OS X port of the popular 68K Assembler/Simulator, EASy68K. Port is being done as my CSS 497 Capstone project as part of my Computing & Software Systems degree at the University of Washington: Bothell campus. 

EASy68K can be downloaded from:

Some quick notes:

The editor is not fully featured as far as a text editor. There is currently no syntax coloring, or quick comment/uncomment buttons.

The editor assembler options are all implemented, but the template/editor options preference tabs are not. There is little GUI feedback with regard to errors in your assembly sent

The editor has little GUI feedback in the way of errors. For now, you'll have to open (located in /Applications/Utilities/) to see what kind of errors you have.

Assembling the file will put the listfile and s-record in the same directory and won't give any indication of success. You'll have to manually open Sim68K and open an s-record file.

The simulator buttons are not disabled if a program is not running, but they should disable if you hit "run" and are having a continuously branching program (all except the "pause" button).

Error output in the Simulator is now output in the window. Memory browser and I/O are implemented, as is the Stack window. Direct editing of 68K memory is not yet supported.

All other features aren't yet implemented either, but are on the list :)
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