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Code for America

help civic hackers colaborate

How do users interact with system?

As a user:

  1. I want to help with a specific app, show me all the deployed versions.
  2. I want to help out in my city, show me all the deployed apps in my city.
  3. I belong to a brigade already, show me the deployed apps they are working on.
  4. I want to deploy a new app in my city, show me what has been deployed and what has not.

Project Jargon

  • user - civic hacker (developers, designers, etc)
  • brigade - group of users
  • app - code that already exists ( Users will choose an app from the application and deploy it locally as needed. Refers to an existing github project. These will be prededfined by CFM staff.
    • For example: An app was created in Boston to track fire hydrants due to the possiblity of them being covered by snow during bad storms. This code base is already publically available. A group of civic hackers could come in and claim the app to deploy locally (ie - Norfolk to use app for identifying fire hydrants but identifying something else).

Goals of project

User Can:

  • find a project they want to work on
  • commit to the project
  • provide a description of their skill set
  • receive all the info of stuff they need to do (project checklist)
  • issue a challenge for something an existing app might not necessarily address


  • users can deploy or work on whatever they want (it is voluntary after all)
  • members of a brigade are not required to be in the location of the project

Future Ideas

  • brigades may have moderation in the future
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