Aggregates accidents reports, planned construction, and lane closures into one feed.
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Tulsa Road Issues Feed

The Tulsa Road Issues Feed (TRIF) aggregates road information from several sources into a single feed. This can be used by media outlets to report issues to their audience, or as the raw data for interactive web projects.

This project is part of Hackathon 2011. See our github project for up-to-date information.

Get the code

Grab the source from Github

git clone git://

Install the Packages

Create a virtualenv and install required libraries

cd tulsa-road-issues-feed
python ./
python ./ .

Set up local environment

Copy the distributed local settings

cp trif/ trif/

Activate the virtualenv

source bin/activate

Initialize the (sqlite) database

python trif/ syncdb
python trif/ migrate

Run it

Activate the virtualenv

source bin/activate

Fetch feed data

python trif/ fetch_feeds

Run the django dev server

python trif/ runserver