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musique is a 100% Java audio player that supports most popular formats

    * MP3
    * OGG Vorbis
    * FLAC
    * WavPack
    * Monkey's Audio
    * WAV, AU, AIFF

Also, musique can recode these formats into:

    * OGG Vorbis
    * Monkey's Audio
    * WavPack
    * WAV

There is a built in support for CUE files, gapless playback,
SHOUTCast/IceCast radio, Scrobbling


    To compile, run "ant", then run either or musique.bat
    to start the player
    You also can open the project in IDE - there are configurations
    for IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans or Eclipse.
    Main class is com.tulskiy.musque.system.Main

    Requirements: Sun JDK 1.6, or OpenJDK 1.6

    Z, X, C, V, B - prev, play, pause, stop, next
    Space - scroll to now playing
    Q - add selected tracks to queue
    Alt-Enter - tracks info / edit tags
    Del - remove selected tracks from playlist
    Ctrl T - new playlist
    Ctrl S - save playlist
    Ctrl F - Search
    Ctrl P - properties
    Ctrl W - closes window if tray is enabled, else quit program
    Ctrl Q - quit program

GUI Tweaks

    Tray Icons

    On Gnome, tray icon is not transparent, so I have to draw background and gradient
    myself to blend in. Here are some colors for standard Gnome/Ubuntu themes that will make the
    tray icon seem transparent (written as Red, Green, Blue, can be set in
    Properties->Color and Fonts):

    Theme       | Background 1   | Background 2
    Ambiance:     92, 91, 86     | 60, 59, 54
    New Wave      58, 58, 58     | 42, 42, 42
    Radiance      247, 244, 236  | 225, 215, 188
    // other themes don't require gradient, so only one color
    Clearlooks    237, 236, 235
    Dust          52, 51, 48
    Dust Sand     193, 189, 191
    High contrast 0, 0, 51

    GTK LaF:

    On Ubuntu Maverick with GTK LaF and Ambiance theme, slider is too wide,
    you can fix it by adding 'gui.thumbWidth: 15' to
    Tabs are too tall, this is JRE bug, it's been around for 5+ years, and is,
    as many GUI bugs are, low priority

    Double-click speed on Linux is faster than system settings, it might be
    related to

        create ~/.Xresources, and add
        *multiClickTime: 400
        Log Out and then Log back on

        Substitute 400 with your prefered time (in milliseconds).

    Mac OSX:

        add -Xdock:name="Musique"
        to musique.vmoptions to change program name in global menu

Performance Notes

    The program should be run in client mode, not server, otherwise memory and CPU
    usage will be too high.

    I've tested the program in Windows 7 on Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz, JRE 1.6u20 32-bit
    and average CPU load was less than 1. Memory consumption was around 30-40 Mb

    When I run the program in Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit and OpenJDK 1.6, memory consumption
    is also around 30-40Mb, but the CPU load is ~4%.
    However, deadbeef and rhytmbox use same amount of CPU so I guess it's because of

    If you are running a 64-bit system and 64-bit JDK, it can not be run in client mode,
    so it is better to install a 32-bit JRE. Then just change path to jre in


    On Linux, Sun JRE is using oss for sound output and the implementation is known to be
    very buggy. Issues include conflicts with PulseAudio and Alsa - player throws LineUnavailableException
    when some other program is playing audio, or, when the player is running, other programs can not
    play sound.

    So if you use PulseAudio, it is best to install OpenJDK, which has good
    PulseAudio support (at least on Ubuntu). If you want to use Sun JDK instead of OpenJDK,
    you can copy PulseAudio support from OpenJDK to Sun JDK using these instruction:

    copy the following files from openjdk folder to java-sun folder
    ./jre/lib/(i386, amd64)/

    Another solution is to use padsp or aoss to redirect sound to pulseaudio or alsa,
    in this case, edit Find this line:

    # uncomment to use OSS emulation, fixes sound problems with Sun JRE's
    # DSP="padsp"

    uncomment last line. Change it to aoss if you use alsa (you might need to install
    the package first).

Title formatting help:

    Everything is pretty much winamp/foobar2000 style:
    Currently the following tags are supported:

    %artist%, %title%, %album%, %year%, %genre%, %comment%, %length% - Don't need to explain these
    %genres% - multi-valued version of %genre%
    %albumArtist% - Album Artist (returns %artist% if album artist is not set)
                    for MP3 I use album artist from TXXX
    %fileName% - filename without extension
    %file% - full file path
    %trackNumber%, %trackTotal% - track number formatted as a two-digit number and total tracks
    %track% - convenience method that returns raw track number as it is stored in tags
    %disc%, %discTotal% - disc number and total discs
    %codec% - returns codec (MPEG-1 Layer 3, FLAC, WavPack, Ogg Vorbis, Monkey's Audio, PCM)
    %recordLabels%, %catalogNos% - set of record label and catalog number values

    some technical info fields like
    %bitrate%, %totalSamples%, %bps%, %channels%, %songIndex%, %sampleRate%,
    %channelsAsString% (Mono or Stereo)
    $playingTime() - playing time of current song, if any

    You can also use some functions, but not many of them are implemented yet:
    $if1(arg1, arg2, arg3) - returns arg2 if arg1 is not empty, and arg3 otherwise
    $if3(arg1, arg2, ...) - returns first non-empty argument
    $strcmp(arg1, arg2) - returns 1 if arg1=arg2, empty string otherwise
    $isPlaying() - used to idicate that the song is currently playing, paused or in playback queue
    $combine(arg1, arg2) - formatter for multi-valued fields, where arg1 is values and arg2 is format separator

    '' - Regular strings are enclosed in single quotation marks
    [arg1 arg2] - will return contents only if at least on of the args is not empty

    Some sample usages:

    $if1($strcmp('MPEG-1 Layer 3', %codec%),'this is mp3','hurray to free formats')
        will compare field 'codec' with string 'mp3', and return 'this is mp3' if they are equal

    [%artist% - ]%title% - returns 'Artist - Title' if artist field is not empty,
        otherwise returns just 'Title'

    $if3(%title%, %fileName%) - returns file name without extension if title is empty
    $combine(%genres%, ', ') - returns genre list separated by comma (for example, "heavy metal, hard rock")


Java audio player. Supports mp3, ogg, flac, wavpack, ape, wav, au, aiff. Builtin support for cue files, gapless playback, SHOUTCast/IceCast Radio, scrobbling.







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