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Online hackathon tasks. Currency Exchange and Cloud Storage
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example configuration in conf/contracts.json file

Contract requires additional permission.

It should be added to codeBase "file://untrustedContractCode"

permission java.lang.reflect.ReflectPermission "";

Tried to add permissions to a specific contract like in docs But it doesn't work for me.

Contract implements the currency exchange between user A and user B. The flow below.

  1. User A sends api request to contract running on user B machine. Expected payload

JO messageJson = new JO(); messageJson.put("message", "ExchangeRequest"); messageJson.put("contract", contractName);

Contract respond with { "fundAddress":"base58 bitcoin wallet address", "exchangeRate":exchange rate - double }

  1. User A sends bitcoin to the address from step 2.

  2. User A sign transaction hash and sends message to contract Expected payload

messageJson = new JO(); messageJson.put("txHash", sha256Hash.toString()); messageJson.put("signatureR", r.toString()); messageJson.put("signatureS", s.toString()); messageJson.put("exchangeRate", exchangeRate); messageJson.put("contract", contractName);

txHash - bitcoin tx hash as BigInteger signatureR, signatureS - ECDSASignature r and s as BigInteger exchangeRate - rate from step 1. I know this is incorrect, rate must be saved on the contract side, probably one of the places - account preferences. But I left it as is.

  1. Contract validates bitcoin tx, and send IGNIS to User A.
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