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nequivack is a non-equivalence checker for C programs. With the use of the symbolic exeution engine KLEE, this tool analyzes C programs symbolically and tries to find counterexamples for their equivalence.

Files & Directories

  • build.xml Builds the parts of the tool.

  • run.xml Runs the parts of the tool.

  • Contains properties for both files above.

  • Script, that we used for evaluation. Shows example multi-threaded usage of the tool.

  • build Generated in build process. Contains the running binaries for all parts of the tool.

  • evaluation Contains small example programs, we used for evaluation.

  • src Contains the source code of the tool.


The Non-Equivalence Checker has some software requirements. They are listed below.

  • Apache Ant (at least version 1.8.0) and thereby a Java Runtime (at least Java 7)
  • Clang and libclang with the following packages: clang-3.4 libclang-3.4-dev libclang-common-3.4-dev libclang-dev libclang1-3.4:amd64
  • KLEE with LLVM 3.4 as described here:
  • If you plan to rerun our evaluation script, you will also need Tigress


First, open a Terminal and change to the directory nequivack.

Simply run ant. This is sufficient to build the tool.


First, open a Terminal and change to the directory nequivack.

For running, you can decide between (A) passing an already transformed file or (B) a command to perform a transformation with a tool. You always need to provide an original file. Independent from the option you choose, you have to set the buildfile to run.xml. Additionally, you can define an output folder that will gather all the output from the tool.

You have to annotate the input files before passing them to the tool. You must at least place a comment // @klee in the line above the function definition of the function, that should be checked for equivalence by the tool. Otherwise, the tool will not recognize the function.

(A) Using an already transformed file ant -buildfile run.xml -DoriginalFile=path/to/original/file.c -DtransformedFile=path/to/transformed/file.c [-DoutputFolder=folder]

(B) Using command to perform a transformation with a tool ant -buildfile run.xml -DoriginalFile=path/to/original/file.c -DtransformationTool="command" [-DoutputFolder=folder]

Within the command, you can use three different placeholders:

  • %PRE transformation prefix (must be in front of method names)
  • %IN file that has to be transformed
  • %OUT output files of transformation (endings have to be specified)

KLEE parameters

If you want to change the parameters, the tool calls KLEE with, you can easily do this, by changing the klee.parameters property in the file.


Non-equivalence checker for C programs




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