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  1. company-posframe README
    1. What is company-posframe
    2. How to use company-posframe
    3. Tips
      1. Work better with desktop.el
    4. Note

company-posframe README

What is company-posframe

company-posframe is a company extension, which let company use child frame as its candidate menu.

It has the following feature:

  1. It is fast enough for daily use.
  2. It works well with CJK language.

At the moment, company-posframe can not work well with:

  1. company-quickhelp

How to use company-posframe

(require 'company-posframe)
(company-posframe-mode 1)


Work better with desktop.el

The below code let desktop.el not record the company-posframe-mode

(require 'desktop) ;this line is needed.
(push '(company-posframe-mode . nil)


company-posframe.el is derived from Clément Pit-Claudel's company-tooltip.el, which can be found at:

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