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Convert an emacs-lisp file to org file
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Note: this file is auto converted from el2org.el by el2org, please do not edit it by hand!!!


  1. What is el2org
    1. Installation
    2. Configure
    3. Usage

What is el2org

el2org is a simple tool, which can convert a emacs-lisp file to org file. You can write code and document in a elisp file with its help.

           (convert to)                    (export to)
elisp  -----------------> org (internal) --------------> other formats

Note: el2org.el file may be a good example.



  1. Config melpa source, please read:

  2. M-x package-install RET el2org RET

  3. M-x package-install RET ox-gfm RET

    ox-gfm is needed by `el2org-generate-readme', if ox-gfm can not be found, ox-md will be used as fallback.


(require 'el2org)
(require 'ox-gfm)


  1. `el2org-generate-file' can convert an elisp file to other file format which org's exporter support.
  2. `el2org-generate-readme' can generate from elisp's "Commentary" section.
  3. `el2org-generate-html' can generate a html file from current elisp file and browse it.
  4. `el2org-generate-org' can generate a org file from current elisp file.
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