LshwParserSpec tests with config do not work in isolation #71

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Tests in this file that use a custom lshw config such as:

        val config = Map(
          "lshw.flashProduct" -> "flashmax",
          "lshw.flashSize" -> "1048576"

Do not work in isolation. test-only *LshwParserSpec* will fail while test-only *util* will pass on the (second?) run.


This was introduced IIRC after we introduced the new config system. The test system seems to end up using the default values instead of the specified ones, unfortunately. I have not had time to track it down.

@maddalab maddalab closed this May 25, 2015

Closing because it's old and cruft or fixed?


Closing because they have been working for a while now, both in isolation as as part of the suite. This would be just the HEAD on the repo (not a release)

[collins] $ testOnly collins.util.parsers.LshwParserSpec
[info] Compiling 42 Scala sources to /Users/bhaskar/workspace/collins/target/scala-2.10/test-classes...
[info] LshwParserSpec
[info] The Lshw Parser should
[info]   Parse Dell (AMD) lshw output
[info]   + with a 10-Gig card
[info]   + quad nic missing capacity having size
[info]   + basic
[info]   + quad nic
[info]   + quad nic missing capacity
[info]   + with a virident card
[info]   Parse different versioned formats
[info]   + B.02.12 format
[info]   + B.02.14 format
[info]   + B.02.15 format
[info]   + B.02.16 format
[info]   Leverage config for flash disks
[info]   + Different flash description and size
[info]   Parse softlayer supermicro (Intel) lshw output
[info]   + A Production SL Web LSHW Output
[info]   + A New Production SL Web LSHW Output
[info]   Parse Dell LSHW Output
[info]   + R620 LSHW Output
[info]   + with LVM disk
[info]   parse amd-opteron-wonky
[info]   + wonky amd-opteron output
[info]   + wonky amd-opteron output w/ show empty sockets
[info] Total for specification LshwParserSpec
[info] Finished in 7 seconds, 182 ms
[info] 17 examples, 0 failure, 0 error
[info] Passed: Total 17, Failed 0, Errors 0, Passed 17
[success] Total time: 39 s, completed May 26, 2015 12:14:52 PM
[collins] $```

All test should be working in the suite and isolation, all tests not working in either mode is because I was not aware of it, happy to address them if you find any.

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