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bmatheny commented Mar 20, 2013

It's annoying that you don't know when a tag was added/updated on a host. The actual under the hood implementation of this is quite straight forward but the API update is tricky.

Currently each tag/value is returned in an ATTRIBS object with the JSON API. This is a flat KEY/VALUE representation, which doesn't lend itself to having a VALUE which is an object (that could itself contain both the actual value and a timestamp).

This might be a good candidate for the API version router. We could create a new API version and implement support in the client, and roll this out everywhere. Once that's done we can default to the new version.

This could be problematic for people with their own client libraries but this could be a slow rollout along with a collins 3.0 version tag.

I would love for the ATTRIBS object to look something like:

    "ATTRIBS": {
      "DIMENSION": {
        "NODECLASS": {
          "VALUE": "web",
          "TIMESTAMP": integer,
          "EXPIRES_AT": 0

This would allow you to create tag/attributes that can automatically expire which can be helpful for tags that shouldn't be long lived.

@maddalab maddalab added this to the Release 2.0 milestone May 25, 2015

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