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Commits on Jan 24, 2014
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Terms of Service cleanup 17508ee
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson New introduction 6a6cd91
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Yahoo! 3167dbb
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Expanded "Modifications to this Agreement" d0ace84
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Consolidated impersonation policies dbc2fb8
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Clarifications for content posted by "rightholders," not just "owners" 6f820f7
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Link to 5039366
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Updated "Releases From Liability" including "Time Limitation on Claims" 47e0e8a
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Rolled up "Tumblr Affiliates" 0a608c7
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Changed jurisdiction/venue clause for U.S. government agencies using …
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Reminder that DMCA notices may be forwarded 823afed
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Added open source disclosures 880dce7
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Privacy Policy cleanup ed68ca7
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Revised disclosure on "Third Party Services" 7a77fbc
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Added description of visibility and use of "Native Actions" 5577fbb
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Overhauled "Information Related to Use of the Services" 8e9d658
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Broke up information about IP addresses 7f2d053
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Disclosure about mobile identifiers 4397184
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Clarified use of phone numbers 9203a2f
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Revised disclosure about cookies d3d7e9a
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Moved "Information Shared with Other Third Parties" 807a6ce
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Removed clause specific to California b262c44
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Expanded use of Account Information 0be442e
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Reminder that private messages can be posted by the recipient ce1ae6c
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Community Guidelines cleanup 3b529e2
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Adding link for reporting violations 4a5d371
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Community Guideline revisions e99556c
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Consolidated policy on deceptive links 2671202
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Added policy on "Misattribution or Non-Attribution" a42ec39
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Small change to introduction a60e722
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Generalized suspension language 1bc84f1
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Fixed typos 35a9f50
@chrismjohnson chrismjohnson Grammar cleanup adfff36
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