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= sfPropelSqlDiffPlugin =

sfPropelSqlDiff plugin generate diff.sql file, which contains difference beetween schema.yml and current database structure.

== Description ==
It provides new symfony task - propel-build-sql-diff which will create file diff.sql with ALTER TABLE statements, whitch will make current database structure 
exactly as it described schema.yml without deleting data in tables as it does propel-build-sql task.

Currently it handles:
 - creation and deletion of tables/fields/indexes/foreign keys
 - changing fields/indexes/foreign keys

Plugin is in beta state now. It is tested only for mysql. You can discuss it at [ thread in symfony forum]

== Installation ==

  symfony plugin-install
  symfony cc

== Usage ==

After making changes in schema.yml
  symfony propel-build-sql-diff frontend
(first parameter is application name, second, if not ommited, environment)[[BR]]
Then you can find sql file at data/sql/diff.sql

To execute diff.sql
  symfony propel-insert-sql-diff frontend
To run model rebuild and apply database changes to database 
  symfony propel-update-all frontend

== Changelog ==

=== 0.1.3 ===

 * symfony 1.1 compatible
=== 0.1.2 ===

 * added task propel-update-all
 * fixed problem with short open tags
 * fixed problem with "foreign key constraint fails" error during diff.sql execution
=== 0.1.1 ===

 * added task propel-insert-sql-diff
 * fixed php notices
 * fixed problem with default values like ''
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