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Tumpa - The Usability Minded PGP Application

Tumpa is a desktop application that makes OpenPGP key creation and smart card access easier. No more terminals, no more typing and entering options multiple times. All you need to do is fill up a few fields, and click a few times.

And done!

That's it!

You have a new OpenPGP key, with proper subkeys within seconds!

Few more clicks, and you have your OpenPGP key in your smartcard (Yubikey, etc.).

Please visit the wiki for more details and features.

We earnestly hope this tool makes your life much, much simpler when it comes to OpenPGP keys.

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Development setup

Please go through the development steps if you are interested in trying out Tumpa.

Please come to the #tumpa channel on IRC server to talk to the developers.


This project is still at a very early stage. We are working on improvements over time. But if you find any issues in the working of the application, feel free to file an issue.

GPLv3 or later.


  • Saptak Sengupta
  • Kushal Das

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