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AsyncRewriter Release Notes

Thong Nguyen edited this page Jan 28, 2018 · 1 revision

  • Fix some await statements being generated with redundant parenthesis
  • Fix invalid spaces inserted into format specifiers on interpolated strings

  • Make AsyncRewriter execute before CoreResGen rather than BeforeBuild target.

  • Improved support for calling async methods implemented as extension methods.
  • Fixed async methods declared on base types or interfaces not always being used.

  • More improvements in rebuild times when using AsyncRewriter.

  • Fix rebuild/clean not causing GeneratedAsync.cs to not always be regenerated.

  • Add support for attributing types with RewriteAsyncAttribute including on base types

  • Package DLLs as tools instead of libs.


  • Set developmentDependency flag on package.
  • Support method expression bodies
  • Fixed naming bug with calling explicit interface implementations
  • Async methods are now generated with XML documentation comments from originals
  • Fixed explicitly implemented methods not being called properly
  • Remove dependencies on CodeAnalysis and related packages.
  • GeneratedAsync should be generated after references have been copied or compiled
  • Changed csproj targets to generate async code after references have been resolved/compile
  • Fixed handling of generic method type parameters.
  • Fix support for method calls being performed on the result of rewritten async methods.
  • Support null conditional member access operator when rewriting normal calls to async.
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