Release Notes (AsyncRewriter)

Thong Nguyen edited this page Jul 21, 2018 · 1 revision


  • Switch to semantic versioning

  • Fixed AsyncRewriter fails when calling rewritten async extension methods (in the same project) using static call method syntax.

  • Added GetPrimaryKeysForUpdate.
  • Reviewed and reenabled TestDefaults3.
  • Added Exception to DataAccessModelHookSubmitContext
  • Refactor DataAccessObjectDataContext into multiple files
  • Fixed default value for primary key should be set on client side when a new DAO is created

  • Fixed expression bodies of expression bodied methods shouldnt be surrounded by parenthesis to fix compilation error with expression bodied methods that return void.

  • Fix ambiguous reference can occur if multiple classes with the same name (but different namespaces) implement a possible asynchronous version of a synchronous method.

  • Bug fix

  • Fix some await statements missing some leading spaces/tabs.

  • Fix problem with some await statements not being parenthesised where necessary.

  • Fix problem when building projects with a large number of files (paths longer than 32k)

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