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Nixie Pipe Electron App

Nixie Pipe GUI controller built on Electron.



  1. Download and run Nixie Pipe Controller app using the link for your system below. You will also need to install the FTDI D2XX Drivers for your system here.
  2. Once loaded, connect a Nixie Pipe Master via USB. If using a clock Master, enter serial mode by pressing the left-hand touch button - the clock will change green entering countdown set mode (other Master units will always operate in serial mode).
  3. Press 'Connect' in the left column of the app. Once connected, the firmware version will be shown and the app functions can be used. If using a Weather Pipe, tick 'Weather Pipe' prior to pressing 'Connect'.

Packaged Binaries

Run Source

git clone
cd electron-nixiepipe
npm install
npm install -g electron
electron .

The process is quite a bit more complicated on Windows as involves using node-gyp-pre. See the 'win32' branch.



I many of my projects open source so others can learn as I have but please attribute my creations if you derive use of them in your own work, by following the license terms, linking to and/or the project page.

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