Python package for interfacing with the Nixie Pipe Master hardware
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Nixie Pipe Python Package

Python package containing nixiepipe class for interfacing with Nixie Pipe Master hardware.


  • pyserial.
  • Nixie Pipe Master running np-serial firmware.
  • pyowm, configparser, threading to use example scripts.


In root folder, run ./ install.

Basic Usage

import nixiepipe

# Create pipe object from nixiepipe class. Will auto find serial port using device descriptor
pipe = nixiepipe.pipe() 

pipe.setNumberUnits(0) # Set number of Nixie Pipe Unit modules
pipe.setColour(0,0,255) # Set array colour blue
pipe.setNumber(9999) # Set array number to 9999

# Write and show new settings

Examples 'examples/'

  • Basic API example showing for loop increment and colour set.
  • Display weather with Nixie Pipe Weather Unit Pipe using Open Weather Map.
  • Display CPU usage.
  • Display stock symbols. Pass symbols as arguments.

Weather Example API Key Config File

You will need an API key for the Open Weather Map module. I have used configparser to save my API key outside the repo. To use the you will need to create a file 'owm-api.ini' in the 'examples/' directory with the contents:

OpenWeatherMap = YOUR_API_KEY

License and Attribution


Licensed under GPL 3.0. I many of my projects open source so others can learn as I have but please attribute my creations if you derive use of them in your own work, by following the license terms, linking to and/or the project page.