danmaku implemented in Qt5
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DanmaQ, pronounced as /danmakju:/ is a small QT program to play danmaku on any screen.

DanmaQ is still under development, documents might be outdated.


danmaQ depends on Qt5, version >= 5.6.2 preferred.



On Linux X86-64, you can download the bundled AppImage.

wget https://github.com/tuna/danmaQ/releases/download/cpp-0.1/danmaQ.AppImage
chmod +x danmaQ.AppImage


apt-get install qt5-default qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools libqt5x11extras5-dev cmake  # for ubuntu trusty (aka 14.04 LTS) and debian jessie (aka 8)
apt-get install qt5-default qttools5-dev-tools libqt5x11extras5-dev cmake  # for ubuntu and debian
zypper install libqt5-qtx11extras-devel libqt5-linguist-devel cmake        # for openSUSE
dnf install qt5-devel qt5-qtx11extras-devel qt5-linguist cmake             # for fedora
brew install qt                                                            # for macOS

mkdir build && cd build 
make && sudo make install


Download binary from releases page.

Or you can also use CMake and Qt to build it yourself, but there is no help available temporarily.

Arch Linux

pacman -S danmaq


dnf install danmaq

AOSC OS / Ubuntu 18.04+ / Debian 10+

apt install danmaq


Use TUNA Service

First you need to create a channel, go to https://dm.tuna.moe:8443/ and create a channel, (let's use ooxx as the channel name and passw0rd as the password)

Then run danmaQ and fill https://dm.tuna.moe:8443 to server, and channel name (ooxx) & channel password (passw0rd).

Then any audiences can open https://dm.tuna.moe:8443/ and click to your channel page, lauch danmaku in your screen!

Self Hosted Service

See gdanmaku-server.


  • Multi-Screen support
  • Chatting
  • RPM package
  • Deb package