Wordpress plugin that lets learners submit deliverables and have coaches review them
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Wordpress plugin that lets learners submit deliverables and have coaches review them.


  • It is possible to create a number of deliverables.
  • Each deliverable defines some work that a student needs to do.
  • It is possible to place a deliverable on a WordPress page or post.
  • Students can submit their work from the page where the deliverable is placed.
  • As students submit their work, teachers who are qualified to grate that type of work will be notified.
  • When a teacher grades the work done by a student as satisfactory, an xAPI statement will be generated reflecting this.

How to setup

To install the plugin just clone down this repository into your wordpress plugins repository. You will then need to activate the plugin in the wordpress plugins menu.

How it works

After installation a Delivarables options is created in the admin menu.
The menu provide three menu items
####1) Manage delivarables
This is where you can add a new deliverable. The image below illustrate how this works. delivarables Note:

  • The review group is created in the Groups plugin. I had already created a programmers group.
  • A delivarable in form of a url, zip file or a PDF.
  • Targeted users are content/knowledge creators.

####2) Review submissions This is where the teacher/reviewer checks any submitted work. Users only see submitted items if they are part of a review group that the work was targeted to.

####3) xAPI settings This plugin sends statements to a Learning Record Store(LRS). We use Learning Locker as our LRS. If you have an LRS setup just input the xAPI endpoint, usename and password.

After you have created a delivarable, it needs to be visible to the learneres. This is achieved by including the following shortcode. deliv-shortcode.
A delivarable ends up being a swagifact.

This is what it looks like to the learner. deliv-front