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A web-native game in Python.
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Carmen Brittunculi

This is a piece of work for the Roman Mytholojam 2018 Game Jam.

Source Code

The code is licenced under the GNU Affero General Public License. Dialogue scripts are copyright the author.

You can get the source by cloning the Github repository.


This is an installable Python package.

  1. Install python3 using your OS package manager.

  2. Create a new Python virtual environment:

    python3 -m venv ~/py3
  3. Download the code:

    git clone
  4. Change directory:

    cd carmen_brittunculi
  5. Install the game package:

    ~/py3/bin/pip install .
  6. Launch the game server:

  7. Play the game in your browser:

    firefox localhost:8080


Standalone installable binaries may be available at the project page.


The game is not yet finished. Here are some references and technologies which have inspired it so far:

The web framework is aiohttp. Development uses Aiohttp version 2, but avoiding impediments to using version 3.

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