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Mini Kite Mode

Emacs integration for WebKit remote debug protocol. Inspired by Kite and Wooky.

Debugging JavaScript in WebKit browser (Chrome) from Emacs is always fun. There's a couple of packages implement that idea already: Skewer, Kite and Wooky with different feature sets. However, due to my specific workflow and needs, they are not suitable, so I decided to wrote this.

  • Skewer: I don't feel like injecting a custom script or running a web server within Emacs. Moreover, the simple evaluation requires JavaScript to be structured in a specific way and doesn't employ the WebKit Debuger's power, especially live updating scripts. I love this feature a lot since it can be used to redefine closures and event handlers. Browser agnostic is a nice thing to have, but it is not crucial for me.
  • Kite: Is huge and full featured, but I do not need debugging, it is better suit for something like realgud.
  • Wooky: sounds perfect for me, except it doesn't support live updating.
  • SwankJS: full-featured and browser agnostic, however it is complicated to setup and somewhat unreliable.


  • Install the package via MELPA, or add the package's directory to load-path.

Note: I test this only on Emacs 24.1 and above. Pull requests for supporting other versions are welcomed.


Open Chrome/Chromium with remote debugging enabled:

chromium --remote-debugging-port=9222
# Or
open -a /Applications/Google\ --args "--remote-debugging-port=9222"

Require the package

(require 'kite-mini)
# Automatically Turn on the mode for your buffer of choice.
(add-hook 'js-mode-hook (lambda () (kite-mini-mode t)))
(add-hook 'css-mode-hook (lambda () (kite-mini-mode t)))


<M-x> kite-mini-connect

Console (with context sensitive autocompletion via TAB):

<M-x> kite-mini-console

Note: if you open the Devtools console in Chrome, the tabs will not appear for selection.

  • Key bindings in kite-mini-mode buffer
Key Function Description
C-c C-c kite-mini-evaluate-region-or-line Send active region or current line to Chrome
C-c C-k kite-mini-update Reload the JS source in the tab. This method is able to update closure and event handlers similar to what you can do in the dev tools debugger.
C-c C-r kite-mini-reload Refresh the page


  • About half of the code is taken from Kite.
  • kite-mini-console by TatriX
  • Bug fixes by various contributors.




Yet another Emacs package to interact with WebKit remote debugging API.




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