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My personal dotfiles collection.

How it looks like:


Here is the list of relevant packages/programs that I use in Arch Linux. You don't need to install everything below, just choose what you want and then select which dotfile to be symlinked in the config file.

  • bspwm for window manager
  • sxhkd
  • dzen2
  • trayer
  • xtitle-git (yaourt)
  • dmenu-xft (yaourt)
  • xclip
  • zsh
  • tmux
  • rxvt-unicode
  • neovim (yaourt)

To use deoplete in Neovim, we must also install:

sudo pacman -S python-pip
pip3 install --user neovim

Install required packages for Linux Mint

I use Linux Mint occasionally, so here is the minimum list of packages that I want to install in order to make use of my dotfiles repo:

  • sudo apt-get install rxvt-unicode-256color
  • sudo apt-get install zsh
  • sudo apt-get install tmux
  • sudo apt-get Install xclip

Manage subtrees:

  • Change dir to the root of this repo, then:
  • Add zsh-git-prompt subtree:
git subtree add --prefix .zplugins.symlink/zsh-git-prompt master --squash
  • Get update from the original repo:
git subtree pull --prefix .zplugins.symlink/zsh-git-prompt master --squash


  • Install the packages/programs that you want as mentioned above
  • Clone this repo: git clone
  • Clone the .vim repo: git clone or clone with HTTPS: git clone
  • Change directory to where you cloned the dotfiles: cd dotfiles
  • Edit config file to specify which dotfiles are to be symlinked
  • Then, run: bash
  • Symlink the .vim directory: ln -s /path/to/downloaded/.vim ~/.vim
  • Done!