Run an extra display on a m11xr3 external HDMI monitor with Bumblebee and Synergy
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External Monitor with Optimus graphics card

This is a shell script + configuration to use an external monitor on a notebook with an Optimus display card, initially based on

There's some tweaks:

  • share mouse/keyboard/clipboard across the two screens using
  • root isn't required to start the external monitor.
  • uses Gnome Classic (gnome-session-fallback) instead of XFCE
  • copies env variables for GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL, GNOME_KEYRING_PID, GPG_AGENT_INFO and SSH_AUTH_SOCK on the external monitor so you aren't prompted to type in your password again in the external monitor to access the login keyring (XFCE doesn't seem to need the Gnome ones since it's not Gnome-based)
  • 'xinput enable' doesn't seem to work for me, so using xinput set-prop instead


These instructions are designed for a Ubuntu 12.04 m11xR3 using Gnome Classic connecting to a LG Electronics W1953 monitor, you probably want to change the xorg files for your monitor and to match your keyboard/mice names.

# Get a copy of these files
cd ~
git clone git:// Optimus
# Install Bumblebee, synergy, perl and killall ; defer to instructions on Bumblebee/Synergy website if this doesn't work
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bumblebee/stable
sudo apt-get install bumbleebee bumblebee-nvidia synergy perl psmisc
# Edit /etc/bumbleebee/xorg.conf.nvidia as appropriate to setup the external monitor. In my case, I ran 'optirun nvidia-settings -c :8', 'X Server Display Configuration' tweaked the settings, then saved the file as /etc/bumbleebee/xorg.conf.nvidia
optirun nvidia-settings -c :8
... save output to /etc/bumbleebee/xorg.conf.nvidia
# Run xinput -list, make a note of your keyboard and pointer devices
xinput -list
# Edit, replace the section about disabling internal inputs with the names of your keyboards/mice
# If you're not using Gnome Classic, replace gnome-session-fallback as appropriate. 
gedit ~/Optimus/
# Setup synergy's default config file
ln -s ln -s ~/Optimus/.synergy.conf ~/.synergy.conf
# Start the external monitor, hopefully everything will work. 
optirun ~/Optimus/