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Updated Jan 15, 2020
  • create/add/publish the content-addressable cache store package
  • fix create-jest-runner (architecture and bugs, nonsenses)
  • include the cache store inside the create-jest-runner so any runner can benefit, plus it will partially allow diffing without git (e.g. the --onlyChange is working only when git inited)
  • create jest wrapper - @tunnckocore/jest
  • create eslint wrapper - @tunnckocore/eslint
  • create publish runner (using @standard-release/cli or such) - because above, we would be able to publish only changed pkgs
  • eventually drop Lerna
  • eventually move to Pnpm / Yarn Berry (v2, pnp)
  • keep an eye on the changesets, intuit/auto, and rollup/plugins (uses pnpm and custom scripts)

management and maintenance

Updated Oct 24, 2019

this (mono) repo stuff

hela and rdj

Updated Oct 23, 2019



Updated Sep 18, 2019


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