(Abandoned) Generic software trigger, event building, and output for particle physics applications.
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This project is abandoned


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This code constitutes a framework for software triggering intended for particle and astroparticle physics experiments with pre-trigger data rates of 300 MB/s. The code scales to 300 MB/s by using celery over numerous computers, but the goal is to have a single thread be able to process a few MB/s.


To run wax:

$ pip install git+https://github.com/tunnell/wax.git
$ event-builder --help

See the usage section in the documentation for more information.


  • Processing of Caen V1724 blocks
  • Scalable with celery distributed task queue
  • Flexible trigger windows and thresholds
  • MongoDB data backend
  • First open-source software trigger framework
  • Data analysis online wax-on and offline wax-off


The program wax consists of two main components: data processing (wax process) and data recording (wax file builder).