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antlr4ts - TypeScript/JavaScript target for ANTLR 4

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/tunnelvisionlabs/antlr4ts

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  • Releases: See the GitHub Releases page for release notes and links to the distribution
  • Feedback: Use GitHub Issues for issues (bugs, enhancements, features, and questions)


This project has separate requirements for developers and end users.

💡 The requirements listed on this page only cover user scenarios - that is, scenarios where developers wish to use ANTLR 4 for parsing tasks inside of a TypeScript application. If you are interested in contributing to ANTLR 4 itself, see CONTRIBUTING.md for contributor documentation.

End user requirements

Parsers generated by the ANTLR 4 TypeScript target have a runtime dependency on the antlr4ts package. The package is tested and known to work with Node.js 6.7.

Development requirements

The tool used to generate TypeScript code from an ANTLR 4 grammar is written in Java. To fully utilize the ANTLR 4 TypeScript target (including the ability to regenerate code from a grammar file after changes are made), a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) needs to be installed on the developer machine. The generated code itself uses several features new to TypeScript 2.0.

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.6+ (1.8+ recommended)
  • TypeScript 2.0+

Getting started

  1. Add antlr4ts to package.json as a runtime dependency

    "dependencies": {
      // ...
      "antlr4ts": "^0.2.0"
  2. Add antlr4ts-cli to package.json as a development dependency

    "devDependencies": {
      // ...
      "antlr4ts-cli": "^0.2.0"
  3. Add a grammar to your project, e.g. path/to/MyGrammar.g4

  4. Add a script to package.json for compiling your grammar to TypeScript

    "scripts": {
      // ...
      "antlr4ts": "antlr4ts -visitor path/to/MyGrammar.g4"
  5. Use your grammar in TypeScript

    import { ANTLRInputStream, CommonTokenStream } from 'antlr4ts';
    // Create the lexer and parser
    let inputStream = new ANTLRInputStream("text");
    let lexer = new MyGrammarLexer(inputStream);
    let tokenStream = new CommonTokenStream(lexer);
    let parser = new MyGrammarParser(tokenStream);
    // Parse the input, where `compilationUnit` is whatever entry point you defined
    let result = parser.compilationUnit();