Thin userspace library on top of Linux uinput kernel module.
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Uinput is Linux kernel module which allows attaching userspace device
drivers into the Linux kernel. However, its ioctl-interface is pretty
low level from an application developer's perspective. This library
provides a set of helper functions for making the usage of uinput
easier. Libsuinput can be considered thin, because it operates on the
same file descriptors as traditional ioctl commands.

Author: Tuomas Räsänen <>
Homepage: <>

How to install

Just run the following commands:

  ./configure && make && make install

It installs the library to /usr/local/lib and header files to
/usr/local/include. See INSTALL for details.

How to report bugs

The bug database is hosted in GitHub. If you have found a bug or have an
improvement idea you want to share, please report it at
<>. However, to avoid
duplicate bug reports, before reporting, please check if similar or identical
bug has already been reported.  If so, you can still subscribe to the existing
bug to track its progress.

How to contribute

In addition to reporting bugs and improvement suggestions, you are encouraged to
contribute bug-fixes or features. Source code is maintained in Git and the main
repository is hosted at GitHub,
<>. The preferred way to contribute
code is to clone the main Git repository and send a pull-request. Good old
patches via email are also accepted.

How to copy

Libsuinput is free (libre) software and licensed under the terms of
GNU Public License version 3 or later. In short, it means that you are
free to copy, modify and redistribute this software as long as you
place the derivative work under a compatible license. See COPYING for