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Device driver for Pegasus Tablet Mobile NoteTaker (M210) devices
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M210 provides tools for using Pegasus Tablet Mobile NoteTaker (M210)
in Linux systems.

Author: Tuomas Räsänen <>
Homepage: <>


- Download notes in raw format (memory dump).
- Convert raw notes to SVG images.
- Erase notes from the device.
- Show device information.

How to install

Just run the following command:

  ./configure && make
  make install

It installs the library to /usr/local/lib and header files to
/usr/local/include. See INSTALL for details.

There is also a predefined udev rules file
udev/rules.d/40-m210.rules. You can just copy that to
/etc/udev/rules.d to allow udevd to give group ownership of plugged
M210 devices to plugdev.

How to use

Download notes to a file:

  m210 dump > notes

Convert downloaded notes to SVG files:

  m210 convert < notes

Erase notes from the device's memory:

  m210 delete

Display device information:

  m210 info

How to report bugs

The bug database is hosted in GitHub. If you have found a bug or have an
improvement idea you want to share, please report it at
<>. However, to avoid duplicate
bug reports, before reporting, please check if similiar or identical bug has
already been reported. If the description of the existing bug report If so, you
can still subscribe to the existing bug to track its progress.

How to contribute

Source code history is controlled with Git and hosted hosted in
GitHub. The preferred way to contibute is to clone the main repository
and send pull-requests. Patches via email are also accepted, but do
not use attachments; insert the patch to body of the message.

How to copy

M210 is licensed under the terms of GNU Public License version 3 or
later. In short, it means that you are free to copy, modify and
redistribute this software as long as you place the derivative work
under a compatible license. See COPYING for details.
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