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@tuomount tuomount released this Aug 4, 2019 · 37 commits to master since this release

New Features and changes

  • Diplomatic victory
    . Requires building United Galaxy Towers.
    . Number of towers depend on Galaxy size.
    . Number of diplomatic votes are chosen when game is being created.
  • Galactic Olympics
    . Participating gives diplomatic bonus between realms who participated.
    . Not participating gives diplomatic bonus between realms who did not participate.
    . Olympic winner and organizes also receive cultural bonus.
  • Domination victory require only over 50% of home planets, not all
  • Scientific achievement techs has been reordered a bit on different tech levels.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed wrong size JFrame boundary on Windows 10 machines.
  • AI does not make map trade over and over again unless map is really updated.
  • Trade mission can be now started from ally's panet and fixed NPE from that.
  • More of the diplomatic events happen in planet
  • Fixed bug where AI made claim and human player declined and that caused human to start a war.
  • AI creates new scouts ships even if old ones are destroyed.
  • Biggest military ship is visible on fleet instead of the first one in the fleet.
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