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@tuomount tuomount released this Oct 20, 2019 · 43 commits to master since this release

New features and changes

  • Show hit chance in combat
  • Cultural domination victory requires broadcasting building (Broadcasting antenna/Broadcasting network or Deep space scanner)
  • Number of fleet is now limited by fleet size which can be affected by buildings, government and space stations.
  • AI can trade obsolte ships with other realms
  • Random events may happen in galaxy
  • Minimap is available in starmap view
  • Difficulty levels for Space Pirates
  • Refactored how Space pirates gain more power
  • Possible error messages now contain more information where exception happened
  • Added new icons for buttons in starmap view
  • Focus on event now shows cursor location in starmap view
  • Trade news also tell which realm owns that planet where trade happened
  • Added sound effects for rushing buildings and scrapping space ships
  • Added Mechion ship bridge image

Bug fixes

  • AI can now make peace with other AIs
  • AI is trying to make peace if war fatigue goes too high
  • If war happens trade ships stop doing the trading between war parties
  • Conquer button is disable if no human fleet is orbiting the planet
  • Fixed NPE when trying to do diplomacy with space pirates
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