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+by Eelco Lempsink
+The Hyphenate category for NSString adds the method
+-stringByHyphenatingWithLocale: which will (try to) return
+the same string hyphenated with UTF-8 soft-hyphens.
+The hyphenation itself is done using the 'hyphen' library
+from the Hunspell project, which is also used by To support hyphenation for different
+languages, you can use the hyphenation dictionaries from the project.
+-- Setup
+ * Step 1 : Download prerequisites
+ Go to
+ and download the latest version of the Hyphen library
+ Download all the hyphenation libraries you want via
+ It might be easier to just pick the files from an FTP
+ mirror, they're located in the contrib/dictionaries
+ directory and all the file names start with 'hyph_'.
+ (
+ * Step 2 : Putting the code into place
+ Add the NSString+Hyphenate .h and .m file to your
+ project.
+ To statically add the hyphen library to your project add
+ the hyphen.h, hyphen.c and hnjalloc.h, hnjalloc.c files.
+ * Step 3 : Adding dictionaries
+ From the unzipped hyph_* files, copy the .dic file to
+ the bundle directory Hyphenate.bundle.
+ If you are going to use language detection, you also
+ need to provide the .dic files for just the language,
+ not the language plus location (e.g. copy or symlink
+ hyph_nl_NL.dic to hyph_nl.dic).
+ Add the Hyphenate.bundle to your project.
+-- Licensing
+The NSString+Hyphenate code is licensed under the BSD3
+license. Hunspell is licensed under a GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1/MPL 1.1
+tri-license. The licensing of the hyphenation libraries
+differs and often there are multiple licenses available.

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