A very simple 2D game that's played in the terminal (based on the all well known PacMan).This project is intended for people who want to start experimenting with open source.
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This project is mainly for people that want to start experimenting with open source. So don't worry if you make a mess, feel free to break everything if you want :)


The idea is to make a "game" with the main character being A that needs to eat all the * in the board before passing to the next level, but has to be careful not to get eaten by F (subject to change). The Story is about RubyMan that goes to explore an ancient temple and gets trapped inside, to get out he'll need to clear all the floors (levels) of the temple, but he has to be careful not to get eaten by "the mummy?".

What it does for the moment

For the moment what it supports is simple movement (using the WASD keys on the keyboard) and simple collision ( A doesn't move to spaces where there is a # )


  • Create a subclass for the enemy, inheriting from the 'Character' class (in the future it will include some AI)
  • Make a specialized class to handle statistics (score, time, etc)

For the moment that is what is important, however this list will be updated regularly

How to Contribute?

If you'll like to contribute to this project (which you are really welcome to do) all you need to do is fork the repository, clone it to your computer, make you changes, commit, push and then send me a pull request.

Remember that you don't need to be an expert to help!!

How to Start

This program is developed on Ubuntu Linux and has been verified on the Mac. It should run fine on Windows as well. Before you can start you need to have ruby installed on your machine if you don't already have it. Check out Ruby-Lang to see the instructions on how to install it on your specific operating system. Requires Ruby version 2.0 or higher.

Then from the terminal you just navigate to the project's folder and execute it by writing ruby Main.rb . To edit the main file you can use whatever text editor you like, even notepad!

Happy Coding!