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Update the README with new options and a note about the cache file.

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@@ -10,44 +10,42 @@ to be and to leave any comments or questions.
Usage: [-h] [-v] [-cp] [-f FILE] [--paste-name PASTE_NAME]
- [--paste-email PASTE_EMAIL]
- [--paste-subdomain PASTE_SUBDOMAIN] [--paste-private]
[--paste-expire-date PASTE_EXPIRE_DATE]
[--paste-format PASTE_FORMAT]
+ [--username USERNAME]
+ [--password PASSWORD]
--version show program's version number and exit
-h, --help show this help message and exit
- -c, --copy copy the text that is posted to before
+ -c, --copy-text copy the text that is posted to before
copying the URL
-f FILE, --file=FILE read from FILE instead of stdin
-p, --print-response print the response from the pastebin API instead of
copying it to the clipboard
Pastebin API Options:
These options are passed to the pastebin API request.
the name to give to the pasted text
- --paste-email=PASTE_EMAIL
- the email to send a confirmation with a paste link
- --paste-subdomain=PASTE_SUBDOMAIN
- the subdomain (e.g. to
- use when pasting
--paste-private whether to make the paste private
when to expire the paste; valid values are N, 10M, 1H,
1D, and 1M
the format used for syntax highlighting; see for valid values
+ --username=USERNAME
+ your username
+ --password=PASSWORD
+ your password
I find it useful to put the script where it is readily available, like so:
$ ln -s ~/path/to/script/ /usr/local/bin/pastebin
-Obviously, replace `path/to/script` (and/or `/usr/local/bin/`) with the appropriate paths.
+Obviously, replace `path/to/script` (and/or `/usr/local/bin/`) with the appropriate paths. If you use the `username` and `password` options, a cache file called `.pastebin_user_key_cache` will be created in the same directory that the script is running in.
Use `-c` to copy the contents of what is being posted first. This is useful if you are using a clipboard manager that can handle multiple items, such as [Jumpcut][jc].

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