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Polymer Redux

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Polymer bindings for Redux. Bind store state to properties and dispatch actions from within Polymer Elements.

Polymer is a modern library for creating Web Components within an application. Redux is a state container for managing predictable data. Binding the two libraries together allows developers to create powerful and complex applications faster and simpler. This approach allows the components you build with Polymer to be more focused on functionality than the applications state.


bower install --save polymer-redux


// Create a Redux store
const store = Redux.createStore((state = {}, action) => state)

// Create the PolymerRedux mixin
const ReduxMixin = PolymerRedux(store)

// Bind Elements using the mixin
class MyElement extends ReduxMixin(Polymer.Element) {
    static get is() {
        return 'my-element'

    connectedCallback() {
        const state = this.getState();

// Define your Element
customElements.define(, MyElement)

Now MyElement has a connection to the Redux store and can bind properties to it's state and dispatch actions.


See the documentation page:



new PolymerRedux(<store>)
  • store Object, Redux store.

Returns a ReduxMixin function.

Redux Mixin

These methods are available on the instance of the component, the element.


Returns current store's state.

#dispatch(<name>, [args, ...])
  • name String, action name in the actions list.
  • arg... *, Arguments to pass to action function.

Returns the action object.

  • fn Function, Redux middleware dispatch function.

Returns the action object.

  • action Object, the action object.

Returns the action object.



Fires when the store's state has changed.



Copyright (c) 2017 Christopher Turner