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!important CSS (!).plist
Fixed Position Bottom 100% wide IE6.tmSnippet
background-attachment: scroll:fixed (background).plist
background-color: color-hex (background).plist
background-color: color-name (background).plist
background-color: color-rgb (background).plist
background-color: transparent (background).plist
background-image: none (background).plist
background-image: url (background).plist
background-position: position (background).plist
background-repeat: r:r-x:r-y:n-r (background).plist
background: color image repeat attachment position (background).plist
border-bottom-color: size style color (border).plist
border-bottom-style: size style color (border).plist
border-bottom-width: size style color (border).plist
border-bottom: size style color (border).plist
border-color: color (border).plist
border-left-color: color (border).plist
border-left-style: style (border).plist
border-left-width: size (border).plist
border-left: size style color (border).plist
border-right-color: color (border).plist
border-right-style: style (border).plist
border-right-width: size (border).plist
border-right: size style color (border).plist
border-style: style (border).plist
border-top-color: color (border).plist
border-top-style: style (border).plist
border-top-width: size (border).plist
border-top: size style color (border).plist
border-width: width (border).plist
border: size style color (border).plist
clear: value (clear).plist
color: color-hex (color).plist
color: color-name (color).plist
color: color-rgb (color).plist
cursor: type (cursor).plist
cursor: url (cursor).plist
direction: ltr|rtl (direction).plist
display: block (display).plist
display: common-types (display).plist
display: inline (display).plist
display: table-types (display).plist
filter: AlphaImageLoader [for IE PNGs] (background).plist
float: left:right:none (float).plist
font-family: family (font).plist
font-size: size (font).plist
font-style: normal:italic:oblique (font).plist
font-variant: normal:small-caps (font).plist
font-weight: weight (font).plist
font: style variant weight size:line-height font -family (font).plist
font: size font (font).plist
letter-spacing: length-em (letter).plist
letter-spacing: length-px (letter).plist
list-style-image: url (list).plist
list-style-position: pos (list).plist
list-style-type: asian (list).plist
list-style-type: marker(list).plist
list-style-type: numeric (list).plist
list-style-type: other (list).plist
list-style-type: roman-alpha-greek (list).plist
list-style: type position image (list).plist
margin-bottom: length (margin).plist
margin-left: length (margin).plist
margin-right: length (margin).plist
margin-top: length (margin).plist
margin: all (margin).plist
margin: T R B L (margin).plist
margin: V H (margin).plist
marker-offset: auto (marker).plist
marker-offset: length (marker).plist
opacity: [for Safari, FF and IE] (opacity).plist
overflow: type (overflow).plist
padding-bottom: length (margin).plist
padding-left: length (margin).plist
padding-right: length (margin).plist
padding-top: length (margin).plist
padding: T R B L (padding).plist
padding: V H (padding).plist
padding: all (padding).plist
position: type (position).plist
properties { } ( } ).plist
text-align: left:center:right (txt).plist
text-decoration: none:underline:overline:line-through:blink (text).plist
text-indent: length (text).plist
text-shadow: color-hex x y blur (text).plist
text-shadow: color-rgb x y blur (text).plist
text-shadow: none (text).plist
text-transform: capitalize:upper:lower (text).plist
text-transform: none (text).plist
vertical-align: type (vertical).plist
visibility: type (visibility).plist
white-space: normal:pre:nowrap (white).plist
word-spacing: length (word).plist
word-spacing: normal (word).plist
z-index: index (z).plist